Marriage and Divorce

Love and Marriage


F0r many marriage is more than romantic decision. Because marriage can also have a legal and business component, many people consult with an attorney about the advantages of premarital or prenuptial agreements. Like any partnership, it can be helpful, and ultimately lead to a greater chance of a successful union, to work through issues of potential disagreement before entering into the marriage.


Divorce is a process that legally separates people, allows them to marry another, and provides for the division of marital assets, debts, and the care and custody of the children.

Most states, like Maryland and D.C., allow a no-fault divorce in which the spouses are required only to prove that you have been living apart for a period of time, even if one of you does not want the divorce. People can also obtain a divorce when a spouse has done something wrong, like commit adultery, desert the other, or treat the other cruelly.

The main issues to be decided in a divorce are alimony, property division, child custody, visitation & child support. In many cases, people will agree on these issues and an attorney can help them draft a Voluntary Settlement and Property Agreement. In these cases, people can usually obtain a divorce quickly. In contested cases, these issues are often emotionally charged, highly contentious, and the advice of an attorney can help you win a favorable outcome.

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