Alternative Dispute Resolution

Byrd & Byrd, LLC provides a full range of Alternative Dispute Resolution services (ADR), such as arbitration, mediation, and settlement facilitation, to help people settle their differences without the necessity and cost of court. Toby Byrd is an arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association. Timothy Leahy is a mediator with the District Court of Maryland. Joshua Winger is a mediator who has completed the Maryland’s 40 hour mediation training.

The District Court of Maryland strongly supports the use of mediation in civil cases and has taken steps to encourage local State’s Attorney’s Office to refer appropriate criminal cases to mediation. Mediation provides an opportunity for addressing and resolving the underlying interpersonal conflicts that are inherent in many criminal and civil disputes.

In addition, the District Court is committed to offering mediation services at no cost to the parties. They work in partnership with community mediation centers, referring appropriate cases to mediation prior to scheduled court hearings. Furthermore, several jurisdictions provide the services of volunteer mediators who offer “day of trial” mediation in the courthouse, often coordinated by local bar associations.

Timothy P. Leahy completed Maryland Mediator Training and has performed pro bono work as a volunteer mediator for the District Court of Maryland since 2009. Joshua Winger has completed Maryland mediator training under the criteria for Maryland Circuit Court cases.

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