Administrative Law

Anyone living in the Washington D.C. area understands the importance of knowing how to deal with government agencies on the local, state, and federal level because these agencies can touch nearly every part of our lived. Even if you have a legal matter that seems unconnected to a government agency, such as a criminal arrest for DWI, you may still have to deal with an Office of Administrative Hearings (“OAH”) proceeding with the Department of Motor Vehicles involving loss of or restrictions of your driving license.

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Department of Social Services

Byrd & Byrd often becomes involved for its clients with the Department of Social Services when dealing with Medicaid applications, child abuse claims, child protective services, and more. Click here to visit the Department of Social Services website.

Motor Vehicle Administration

Byrd & Byrd often becomes involved for its clients with the Motor Vehicle Administration. Click here to visit the Motor Vehicle Administration website.

Maryland Home Improvement Commission

Toby Byrd is a structural engineer. Timothy Leahy is a former home improvement contractor. Byrd & Byrd often becomes involved for its clients with the M.H.I.C. in prosecuting or defending claims involving commercial construction claims or a home improvement contractor. If a home owner is successful in proving a claim but the contractor cannot pay, then Byrd & Byrd can help a homeowner recover funds through the State of Maryland’s Guaranty Claim Fund administered through the Maryland Home Improvement Commission. Click here to visit the Maryland Home Improvement Commission website.

Office of Administrative Hearings

Maryland agencies, when a legal hearing is needed to resolve issues and problems, are held through the Office of Administrative Hearings before an Administrative Law Judge. Click here to visit the Office of Administrative Hearings website. Because these hearings are very similar to a court trial, an experienced administrative attorney can be very helpful in obtaining a good outcome for you with a Maryland agency.

Department of Labor License and Regulation (DLLR)

Many occupations from dentist to hair dressers must secure a license to operate.  Issues that arise that could jeopardize that license could ultimately affect the livelihood of that individulal. Click here to visit the DLLR website.