More Red Light Scameras in Montgomery County

Image result for red light cameraIt’s hard for people to take the time off from work to fight malfunctioning speed and red light cameras which have fines ranging from $40 to $75 dollars. But if we don’t, or don’t get our elected officials to remove these revenue generators we’re going to have more drivers victimized like what is happening in Montgomery County right now.

Montgomery County has turned off a red-light camera at the intersection of Georgia Avenue and Seminary Road following a 7 ON YOUR SIDE I-Team investigation. But, calls have now surfaced for the county to reimburse drivers for thousands of tickets and nearly $350,000 in fines, which some say should all be paid back because of how the camera is timed.Maryland State Highway Administration policy mandates yellow light times be a minimum of three and a half seconds. this light is just under three seconds. Montgomery County’s Department of Transportation’s had 19 months to retime the light. It hasn’t, and the camera continued to issue tickets. Montgomery County had no problem breaking the law about the camera contractor not getting a fee per ticket. Montgomery County still values raising cash over the law


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